About Joe Solari and Lisa Gardina

We help authors build great businesses.

We are the undisputed leader in author business management, boasting an impressive 14.6 million dollars in Royalties Under Management (RUM). With RUM growing an unparalleled 33% over the last year due to organic sales increases (24%) and new client acquisition (9%), we show no signs of slowing down.
Our proudest achievement, however, is our Author’s Royalties Kept (ARK) ratio. This indicates how much of each royalty dollar is kept by the author pre-tax. This year we hit an astounding $0.47 average ($0.44 median), demonstrating to authors that they are truly working smarter, not harder, with us.

Joe has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He has owned and operated various businesses and has experience with private equity and fundraising, resulting in an equity raise of twenty-one million dollars in eighteen months.

Currently, Joe works with his partner Lisa Gardina as a strategy and operations consultant for authors and publishers. Since 2014, he has helped authors with publishing strategy and optimizing publishing businesses to delight readers and meet investor needs.

Treat Your Writing Like a Business (TWLAB): A business operating system for self-published authors

Online Courses for starting and mid-list authors to implement the ideas of Treat Your Writing Like a Business.

Advantage: A guide to the economic forces driving the winner takes all publishing market.

Joe has been a guest speaker at 20 Books Las Vegas and NINC. He has also been a guest on many podcasts, including The Self-Publishing Show, The Author Podcast, and I wish I had known.

He is regarded as a thought leader and business expert in the publishing space. He actively consults with bestselling six and seven-figure authors.