Game of Cults: Discover What Cults, Con Men, and Gamification Teach Us About Success in Publishing

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“Game of Cults” was first published in 2022 and is the second of several serialized business content series for authors and publishers.

This season comprises 45 articles, which were released once weekly and are listed below in chronological order.

Mastering the Emotional Core of Successful Marketing


Discover How Market Behavior Can Help You Gain Loyal Readers


Build a Trustworthy Brand to Capture Your Reader’s Attention


How Social Media Platforms Exploit Your Marketing Efforts


When Logical Decision-Making Leads to the Wrong Solution


Leveraging Emotional Marketing for Sustainable Growth


What Game Are We Playing? Restructuring Your Business Strategy


Creating a Pure Signal to Attract the Right Readers


What this Notorious Scam Reveals About Human Psychology


Use This Emotion Wheel to Craft a Better Reader Experience


The Critical Role of Feelings in Elevating Your Author Business


The Powerful Nexus of Perception, Expectation, and Identity Formation


Why Time and Patience are Essential to Your Career


Using Language to Enrich Your Stories and Unlock Your Reader’s Emotions


Determine Your Desired Action to Formulate an Effective Marketing Plan


Betting on Fail-Proof Wins


How to Build an Email System That Triggers Desired Reader Behavior


Final Thoughts on ‘Part 1: The Individual’ and an Exciting Introduction to ‘Part 2: The Group’


What This Pervasive Cult Teaches Us About the Dynamic of the Group


Building a Reader Community With a Reliable Author Brand


How to Master Group Psychology and Harness the Irrationality of the Crowd


Revolutionize Your Author Business with this 1 Simple Strategy


Why the Fictional Nature of Reality Is an Excellent Marketing Tool


What Public Opinion and Mass Media Control Teaches Us About Effective Marketing


The Eye-Opening Psychology of Propaganda and Mass Communication


How a Simple Poll Can Enhance Reader Sentiment and Book Sales


How Reflexive Control and Disinformation Undermine Mainstream Media


Using Rituals, Sacred Words, and Linguistic Spellcasting to Captivate Readers


Important Points from ‘Part 2: The Group’ and an Introduction to ‘Part 3: Gamification’


Engaging Readers in the Discovery Phase to Convert Them into Buyers


The Customer Onboarding Experience and Rewarding Super Fans


Use Scaffolding to Provide Readers with a Supportive Customer Journey


QAnon as a Cautionary Tale of Gamification’s Harmful Potential


Designing an Endgame Strategy That Satisfies Your Readers


The Role of People and Perception in Your Career Growth


Building a Robust Learning System to Supercharge Your Business


Crossing the Chasm With 1000 True Fans


Epic Meaning and the Glowing Choice


How Your Game Cultivates Your Most Valuable Asset


A Step-By-Step Guide to Designing Alluring Game Paths


Create a Game Path that Boosts Reader Engagement


The Artificial Culture Markets and the Big Con


Controlling a Pseudo-Environment with Positive Feedback Loops and Ease of Choice


Marketing Like a Businessperson Versus Advertising Like an Author


Final Thoughts on Season 2 and a Sneak Peek Into Season 3