Game of Cults: Revolutionize Your Author Business with this 1 Simple Strategy

The marketing strategy all authors should learn

I know I said this week we would go into the work of Lippman and Bernays, but that must wait.

I had to let you know about this amazing discovery that’s revolutionizing publishing. If there is one thing that Amazon, Facebook, and the remaining big publishers agree on, it’s that this needs to be stopped, or they will lose their control over publishing.

They don’t want indie authors to do this.

When I first read this report, I thought it couldn’t be true, but after doing my research, it was evident that what I’m sharing is accurate.

Many of you have already heard about this new book marketing method and joined the movement. Those of you who are late to this party may be noticing the impact on your fellow authors’ businesses. You’ve seen the soaring rankings and royalties pouring in.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone.

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Maybe you love socialism, hate the free market, and disdain making money.

Or you write books as a hobby and just want to make a little extra cash.

If so, keep doing what you’re doing. But those who are serious about being a full-time writer know that this is the way forward. Of course, there may be some skepticism on your part, but that’s okay. You can do your research by clicking here.

When I learned about it, my first thought was to keep this a secret. Just provide this to my high-paying clients. But my conscience got me. I knew that you were as bright as them and needed help like this.

You deserve to make a living as a writer, so I’m passing this on for you to act on.

Some will say that publishing is a power-law-driven market that favors the few, and only the popular can make money.

They may even show you statistics, like the over eight million titles on Amazon, and say things like “a rank of 100,000 is selling a book a day and results in less than a thousand dollars in sales, so only 100,000 titles earn more than a thousand dollars a day.”

Those people just tell you that because they’re greedy and don’t want you to get your share of the profits.

I’m sure you are sick of being the last author to know about the latest method for getting more readers. Why should all the six- and seven-figure authors always get special deals and beta programs?

Just notice how many authors are doing well. Look on Facebook and at the author conferences. Everyone is doing mid-five figures and up, so those statistics don’t make sense.

This is the missing piece for most authors, and it’s a simple marketing system.

Would you be interested in a marketing system that has resulted in a new author’s first book making it into the top ten thousand in the store, then the second reaching the top one hundred and staying there for a week?

Imagine yourself getting results similar to that of a bestselling author.

Month after month, you’d see massive royalties from Amazon in your bank account because fans are eagerly awaiting your next book. As eager as you are right now to learn how to achieve these results.

Click here to learn the secret.

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