Wynn-ing Ways: How a Properly Designed Business System Creates a Competitive Advantage

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“Wynn-ing Ways” was first published in 2021 and is the first of several serialized business content series for authors and publishers.

This season comprises 45 articles, which were released once weekly and are listed below in chronological order.

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A Practical Introduction to Improving Your Business


Overcome the Odds and Improve Your Decision-Making


Define Your Vision to Achieve Your Business Goals


Why You Need an Anti-Fragile Structure That Protects Your Business From Crisis


Building a Strong Foundation for Your Author Business


Investment Fundamentals to Elevate Your Business


Realistic Growth Strategies for Your Business


How Feedback Loops Attract the Right Readers and Drive Your Business


Delight Readers with Positive Feedback Loops


How To Use Boredom to Unlock Reader Curiosity


Building Visibility and Discoverability to Elevate Your Next Book Launch


Creating Valuable Content Amidst the Endless Escalation of Social Media Platforms


Delivering Reader Wins through Understanding Gambling Psychology


Leveraging Insights from Rat Case Studies for Increased Reader Satisfaction


Review 14 Key Article Takeaways in this Comprehensive Series Recap


How to Navigate Cycles and Survive Economic Downturns


4 Emerging Trends That Will Revolutionize the Publishing Industry


3 Disruptions to the Future of the Content Creation Industry


2 Essential Tools to Bolster Your Business


How to Harness Market Forces to Your Advantage in a Winner-Take-All Market


Take this Quick Test to Evaluate Your Confidence Levels


What Drives Your Actions? Get Better Results with a Decision-Making System


Decision-Making Insights from Our Confidence Test Results


Increase Positive Outcomes With This Decision-Making Journal


How to Make Choices to Achieve Reliable Results


Overcoming Fear of Failure and Embracing Reality


How Talent, Skill, and Luck Determine Your Success


Reduce Risk With This Simple Mental Model


Add Value to Your Business by Eliminating Waste


Restructuring Your Thinking Patterns and Defying the Status Quo


Why a Supportive Peer Group is a Necessity for Self-Published Authors


Embracing Imposter Syndrome on the Path to Success


Decide on a Purpose-Driven System to Gain a Competitive Edge


Focus on the Vital Few to Achieve Better Outcomes


Create an Engaging Experience that Attracts and Nurtures Readers


The Impact of Quality on Your Success in the Marketplace


Why a Virtuous Marketing Cycle is Your Secret Weapon


Optimize Your Read-Through to Increase Your Cash Flow


Crafting An Effective Long-Term and Short-Term Brand Awareness Strategy


Using the Author Wave Model to Navigate Boom and Bust Cycles


Positive Free Cash Flow as a Key Performance Indicator


Plan for the Unexpected with Future Positive Optionality


3 Eye-Opening Insights From My Work to Redesign My Business Structure and Marketing Strategies


How to Overcome Comparison and Procrastination in Your Writing


Winning Marketing Strategies to Conclude an Epic Season One