The Author Capital Planner

The Purpose of the Planner:

Determining the amount of cash you need to get to breakeven is critical to your success. Most businesses fail because they run out of money.

This tool helps you figure out how much cash you need for your publishing business.

How to Use the Tool:

Start at the top and answer the questions. It is designed to use the words you write each day and your costs to calculate when you will reach a profit.

Knowing how much you need to get to breakeven may surprise you. Better to be surprised here then two years into you trying to get your career as an author off the ground.



Ray Dalio: Everything is a machine.

Your business is part of a bigger economy. This short video by Ray Dalio will help you to see how cycles drive the larger economy.

Want to learn more about how to treat your writing like a business?

Treat Your Writing Like a Business

Treat Your Writing Like a Business (TWLAB) is the only author focused business system. The same system I use to manage six and seven figure publishing businesses is pulled together in a book and course.

Only available as a direct purchase on this website. TWLAB consists of the book and a supporting course.

If you’re TRULY serious about making a living as an author you owe it to  yourself to apply this proven system to your business.

Learn More About Treating Your Writing Like A Business