Clubhouse Newsletter Swap

Newsletter Swaps for Coaches, Change Agents and thought leaders

Thanks for visiting. Here is some guidance for success if you heard about or plan to attend a newsletter swap room and plan to participate.

What’s in it for you?

Would you like to get your high-value content shared by peers with their audience?

This is the right way for those just getting started to grow qualified leads organically.

For established professionals, this is a way to pay it forward and help others up the mountain.

Here are some guidelines for the best results.

#1 DO NOT exchange email addresses

The idea is to get featured in an appropriate newsletter and to feature relevant content in yours. Your subscribers are yours, so curate great content and let them decide if it’s suitable for them. Never give your list to another.

#2 Reciprocity

You will need to reciprocate. Don’t worry that you have a small list or if anyone will accept. Just do what you say you would do and share when asked. It’s nice if you provide the person confirmation of the share.

#3 Have a way for people to submit content

When in an NL swap room on Clubhouse and you hear a good pitch, follow the person. It is useful if you have an easy way for them to connect and leave a sample. Here is an example I use with a google form.

Here is an example Google form

Feel free to make a request.

#4 Review what you put in your newsletter

Before featuring content, review it, and make sure it aligns with your brand. Your newsletter is an important asset, so you have the final say on if it’s the right fit and up to your quality.

#5 If asking, give people ample time feature you

Since the feature shouldn’t be sales focused, there is no reason to have tight deadlines. You’re looking from prospects and connections, not the sale.

#6 Have high-quality content that adds value – a newsletter gem

Don’t be transaction and sell. You’re getting the opportunity to be featured in a peer’s newsletter. Imagine everyone on that newsletter is rich and powerful and needs your work. They just don’t know you or trust you.  Make a great first impression.

Be a hospitable guest. Deliver value to the email recipient. The objective isn’t to close a sale but to get a qualified lead.

#7 Have a lead capture system

The idea is that your newsletter gem is the cookie or lead magnet. Have the means to capture the prospect’s email address when they get the gem.

I like to offer content on my website without capturing the lead until the lead has “qualified.”

What I mean is that if you have found that not everyone is right for your what you do, then provide content to determine you’re not wasting time or space on your list for someone that isn’t a good fit. Remember, not everyone is on your timeline. This student may need time to get ready before they recognize you as the Master.

#8 Don’t copy others work

Be inspired by them, maybe hire them but don’t plagiarize them. A great way to end your career is to begin violating other’s copyrights.

#9 This isn’t an affiliate program

But you may find excellent affiliates to help you sell a product when the time comes. Look at this process as a way to demonstrate

Be sure to follow me @joesolari on Clubhouse. I host swap rooms.

How to get the most out of the swap room

The clubhouse room will be kept for an hour. I’ll take a short time to do introductions to the ideas of newsletter swaps, and then I’ll open up the stage for questions and “pitches.”

The pitch should consist of your name, a sentence on what you do, then how you add value to a client’s subscribers and what you can offer as a newsletter gem. You should also share your subscriber count and open rate.

To maximize the time, keep it short and sweet. If you ramble on, you’ll kill your chances. You can’t talk your way into a swap. You will get others.