Only Business Part One

Are you a successful adult content creator with questions about running a profitable business?

What you’re about to read is a clear, concise guide to answer business questions.

This guide is for adult content creators who treat what they are doing like a business.

You have an opportunity to earn life-changing money. The wealth that will support you for a lifetime.


You could be like many who end up broke and owing taxes because you live for today and spend like there’s no tomorrow.

If you’re looking for help to make sure that you make the most out of the money you’re earning, then read on…

All content creators, but particularly those producing adult content, find themselves in a “wild west” scenario.

The great part of this age is the disruption of traditional content distribution. Today the talent can reap the rewards rather than the middlemen.

This presents a situation for creators looking to earn a living from adult content while making more money than ever before. Still, they also face complex business and wealth creation problems.

If not addressed correctly, poor business choices will lead to overpayment of taxes, underpayment of taxes, or missed opportunities to build income-producing wealth that could last a lifetime.

Before addressing these problems, I’d like to help you understand that adult content is a winner takes all marketplace, just like any other consumer content. A few will make most of the money, and most won’t.

With the removal of go-betweens and distribution, the value proposition improves for both the producer and the consumer, meaning that with more profit on a smaller amount of sales, you can still earn a decent living. In short, you don’t have to be the most popular to be the most profitable, but you do have to be smart about how you run your business.

Now let’s discuss what business obstacles you face as an adult creator.

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