Direct Sales Unleashed


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Struggling to decide to stay in Kindle Unlimited or go wide?

Are you worried that all your profits could evaporate with one fat finger mistake by a hapless administrator at Amazon?

Are you ready for the solution?

If the horror stories of closed accounts and shifty operators are not enough to get you to consider setting up a direct sales platform let me give you the best reason.

Ready – it’s the only one that matters…

Your fans want to buy from you.

They love your books and they want you to get paid and what could be better than for you to have an exclusive platform dedicated to your fans. A place where they can find your books and other merchandise that you sell without advertisements for competitive books and lawn furniture scattered on the page distracting from your book.

“Direct Sales Unleashed” is your how-to guide for selling books direct. Inside you will find all the reasons why rank and high KU page reads should not be part of your evaluation process. The only thing that matters is you delivering an outstanding customer experience.

A direct sales platform is an integral component of building a customer nurturing engine that systematically turns readers into super fans and maximizes the Lifetime Value of your customers.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why sell direct?
  • Where to start?
  • The ways to market for direct sales.
  • The pros and cons of direct sales.
  • Technical requirements for direct sales.
  • Several ways to start selling direct today to your existing clients today, with nothing more than a PayPal button.

It’s really simple your readers are your source of income and the closer you can be to them, the stronger the relationship and the more certain your income from writing will be.  Download the book and learn how to become unleashed!


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