Wynn-ing Ways Email 21 of 45: Action Needed

I told you last week this would be different.

I have a test for you.

The rest of the series will make more sense if you take the test.

I need the results from our group to make a point. What you read will be more meaningful by taking the test.

Please use the time you typically take to read my email to complete the test

STEP 1: Take the Test – Confidence Calibration Exercise

Keep your results window open

STEP 2: Record the Results Here

Once you complete the test, I would like you to share the results with me through an anonymous survey.

Enter your results for:

Mean confidence:

Actual percentages correct:

Mean confidence correct answers:

Mean confidence incorrect answers:

Please make this a success for all of us by doing both steps.

In two weeks, I’ll share the results, and we will begin building a decision-making system.

Until next week,


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